Danny Cummings finishes drums on latest dBL album

Danny Cummings has finished drums on dBL’s forthcoming, as yet unnamed, new album. Danny’s session followed a week long rehearsal stint with Joe, Greg and Chris in London rehearsals which were also recorded by producer Matt Kemp who will co- produce the album with the band.

“We think we have bettered the sound we achieved on Fingers Pointing At The Moon which is some achievement given the general response to the drum sound and production on FPATM. The irregular granite stonework in the live room is two feet thick and Danny decided to use the vintage Roger’s kit. We also had the added advantage of the Neve’s we bought from The Chapel and of course the latest addition to the Riverfish arsenal, an original vintage Pultec EQP 1A – santa is being given a week off down our way come the silly season – we’re not greedy.

The full band will be together in Cornwall over the summer and the album should be in the shops by Christmas all being well.