The band received an overwhelming response to the competition they ran in collaboration with Planetrock.com and wish to thank those for all the fantastic feedback they have sent through about the album. The competition is now closed but it will run again in April, where you will stand to win signed copies of Fingers Pointing At The Moon.


It is COMPETITION TIME as the band partner with Planet Rock to give you the chance to win a signed copy (on CD and Vinyl) of their album Fingers Pointing At The Moon. Head over to https://www.planetrock.com/win/win-a-signed-copy-of-dworniak-bone-lapsas-debut-album/ to enter!

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Some of you may have noticed that the band were signed to Proper Music (propermusic.com) late last year and the album Fingers Pointing At The Moon is being recommended to rock fans everywhere by Planet Rock (https://www.planetrock.com/) for a couple of weeks on air. For new listeners, Proper and Planet Rock challenged the guys to come up with their individual playlists to give an insight into influences and fav tracks. Well we got a lot of music back and for starters we are going to list them – it could be the start of some interesting dialogue with those that follow dBL – have a look, have a listen and then let us know what you think!

Chris Lapsa on the EMS VCS3…

This is really a bit of history. It belonged to John Baker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and was used in countless numbers of old BBC productions including Dr.Who. It’s a classic old synth and the forerunner of the Synthi AKS which Pink Floyd used in “On The Run”, although it has different characteristics one being that it did not originally come with a keyboard and has the wonderfully playful joystick to mix effects and settings.

Sometimes known as The Cricklewood I played this on It Only Takes A Second. The idea of that track is to provide a shocking departure or interlude from the main melodic and lyrical theme of the album – mortality – the track is meant to jar the listeners ear with its chaotic vocals and bubbling, pounding volcanic synths, evoking the same emotions of shock, anxiety and panic when the realisation of our own mortality blasts to the surface for example, when a loved one dies, or we are in a serious accident, or any other truly shocking human happening. We are suddenly fully awake and aware of our feelings. The mirror of the track is imagining what actually occurs in the mind of someone in the final seconds before committing an act of true harm, the final splintering crack inside their minds.

Joe Dworniak on the 1962 Fender Jazz Bass

Greg Bone on the Gibson 1959 reissue R9 that he played on Fingers Pointing At The Moon…

In the shadow of prayer…

Neves – 1073’s to full use on the new album……

Meridian 107FM – Thursday 7th December

We are pleased to have been invited to be interviewed by Dave Roberts at Meridian FM. Tune in this Thursday (7th December) just after 8pm to catch Bone and Lapsa live, talking all things dBL. Dworniak will be listening avidly on his stereo back in Cornwall.. http://www.meridianfm.com/home/music-for-grown-ups.html


Last week saw another great week at Riverfish Music Studios adding more depth to Album #2, and we are all liking the sound. The horizon is looking exciting!