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Review from Dutch Progressive Rock Page

The nice thing about having a good piece of work under your belt like Fingers Pointing At The Moon is what happens as it becomes better known – have a read of this from Mark Hughes at the Dutch Progressive Rock Page – In the last 12 months we have received accolades from DJ’s, journalists and our fellow musicians as well as being endorsed by amp and string manufacturers. Slowly but surely we move forward and there is more in the pipeline……

Welcome Mandy!

dBL are happy to welcome Mandy to the team. She will be assisting us in coordinating and administrating dBL happenings…watch this space!Welcome Mandy

dBL moving forward with second album

The band had another great session at the Riverfish Studios in Penzance, Cornwall. Guitarist Greg Bone commented that the guys felt they were about at the mid way stage on the recording and that it was possible the album could be finished by summer 2016.

“The flavour of this album is maybe a bit more folky than Fingers Pointing At The Moon but the colouring is definitely in line with our core sound.” said Greg.


Danny Cummings finishes drums on latest dBL album

Danny Cummings has finished drums on dBL’s forthcoming, as yet unnamed, new album. Danny’s session followed a week long rehearsal stint with Joe, Greg and Chris in London rehearsals which were also recorded by producer Matt Kemp who will co- produce the album with the band.

“We think we have bettered the sound we achieved on Fingers Pointing At The Moon which is some achievement given the general response to the drum sound and production on FPATM. The irregular granite stonework in the live room is two feet thick and Danny decided to use the vintage Roger’s kit. We also had the added advantage of the Neve’s we bought from The Chapel and of course the latest addition to the Riverfish arsenal, an original vintage Pultec EQP 1A – santa is being given a week off down our way come the silly season – we’re not greedy.

The full band will be together in Cornwall over the summer and the album should be in the shops by Christmas all being well.



DBL announce second album start

Dworniak Bone Lapsa have announced they are to start recording a follow up album to Fingers Pointing At The Moon which is currently receiving fantastic reviews by fans.

The band will start recording in Cornwall this Spring and producer Matt Kemp is back in the chair co-producing with the band. The as yet untitled album has been penned yet again by lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Lapsa who told the website of his excitement to be back in the studio. “It’s always a special thing even to make an album and to be back in Cornwall at Riverfish Studios always feels great. We’ve been really pleased with the reception of the first album and creatively we are hungry to get back down to it – there will be some twists and turns on this one which we look forward to revealing late this year or perhaps early in 2016.”


DBL have confirmed that the new album will continue to adhere to the concept album format they brought to the public on Fingers Pointing At The Moon. More announcements will follow as soon as we hear them.

dBL WAYN Friends hit 80,000 +

We are so grateful to for their launch of our album Fingers Pointing At The Moon. Its been an amazing few months since the launch and to have been received so well by a community which is totally new to us means such a lot. When we reached over the 80,000 friend threshold it started to feel like what people have been saying about the album is true. Thank you everyone and here’s to the next few months being as exciting as the last !!

dBL album released on Google Play

For all you digi folks out there, you can buy the download through this link as well as on iTunes.

Fingers Pointing At The Moon digitally released

dBL are pleased to announce the digital release of their debut album Fingers Pointing At The Moon.

The album is available on all major platforms including iTunes. See

Happy Christmas !!

Debut Album to be released December 15th 2014

dBL have announced that the album Fingers Pointing At The Moon will be released digitally and in CD format in a few days time on December 15th.

The CD with full artwork will be available through this website and the digital version will be available on all UK platforms including iTunes.

Competition at this time of year is fierce but the band have seen their following on WAYN spiralling, reaching nearly 40,000 fans in just 10 days, so its not only “fingers pointing” but also fingers crossed for a successful launch.

dBL endorsed by Von Hatski amplifiers

British valve amp manufacturer Von Hatski have endorsed dBL. Hand made in the UK – that’s something that dBL know all about – the band plan to use the amps on the recording of their as yet “untitled” second album. The lads are very pleased to be associated with them and Greg Bone commented “I reckon these amps give any of the big brand valve amps a very good run for their money – plenty of tone and some real guts too on the high gain settings. We’ll be putting them through their paces in the studio and are really looking forward to that”.