Fingers Pointing At The Moon digitally released

dBL are pleased to announce the digital release of their debut album Fingers Pointing At The Moon.

The album is available on all major platforms including iTunes. See

Happy Christmas !!

Debut Album to be released December 15th 2014

dBL have announced that the album Fingers Pointing At The Moon will be released digitally and in CD format in a few days time on December 15th.

The CD with full artwork will be available through this website and the digital version will be available on all UK platforms including iTunes.

Competition at this time of year is fierce but the band have seen their following on WAYN spiralling, reaching nearly 40,000 fans in just 10 days, so its not only “fingers pointing” but also fingers crossed for a successful launch.

dBL endorsed by Von Hatski amplifiers

British valve amp manufacturer Von Hatski have endorsed dBL. Hand made in the UK – that’s something that dBL know all about – the band plan to use the amps on the recording of their as yet “untitled” second album. The lads are very pleased to be associated with them and Greg Bone commented “I reckon these amps give any of the big brand valve amps a very good run for their money – plenty of tone and some real guts too on the high gain settings. We’ll be putting them through their paces in the studio and are really looking forward to that”.

Rotosound endorse dBL

Dworniak Bone Lapsa have been endorsed by industry leading string company Rotosound ! “When the company that endorsed and supported Jimi Hendrix likes the music enough to back us it’s always gonna bring a smile to our faces” says lead guitarist Greg Bone. Pleased, proud and looking forward to releasing and then touring the album, dBL are starting off an a journey which looks like it will get a lot of attention.

dBL announce new album recording date

Following hot on the heels of the forthcoming release of the debut album “Fingers Pointing At The Moon”, British rock band Dworniak Bone Lapsa have announced they will commence recording their as yet untitled second album in December 2014. Composer Chris Lapsa told the website it will follow the same format which evoked praise from Robert Wyatt and Roger Waters management, amongst other industry notables.

“We are excited by the interest in the band and its music. Its going to be good to get back into the studio and get another album underway. The tracks are strong and we are working hard to build on the lovely things people are saying about us and our music”.

dBL Championed by

We are very pleased to announce that are championing the band and have offered to build a platform for launching the album, Fingers Pointing At The Moon. have 22 million users worldwide and we are very excited to be aligned with them and grateful for the huge offer of help. More soon !!

The Acorn 22nd Mar 2013

We had a great time at The Acorn on the 22nd of March

Watch this space for photos, video clips and more…

Live Show at The Acorn

Live Show March 22nd 2013 at The Acorn, Penzance.

We’ll be recording and filming a live version of the album.

Tickets available at:

Cornish Riviera Box office

01726 879500